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Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Competency-based Project Management training for professionals that have never managed a project before or want to get better at managing projects in the workplace

Course Resources

  • Project Management for Non Project Managers.mp4
  • Description of Course, Locations and Costs.pdf
  • Earned Value for Status Report.xltx
  • Guide to Recommended Templates B03.pdf
  • Meeting Agenda B02.dotx
  • Meeting Minutes B02.dotx
  • Memo B03.dotx
  • Project Charter B11 (PMBOK Guide 2012).dotx
  • Project Charter B11-Short (PMBOK Guide 2012).dotx
  • Project Management WBS V6.mpp
  • Project Plan (Small Project) - Shell.dotx
  • Project Plan (stand-alone projects) B16.dotx
  • Project Readiness Survey V3.pdf
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix - Color.xlsx
  • Status Report B06.dotx
  • Team or Committee Charter B06 (simple).dotx
  • Team or Committee Charter B06.dotx
  • Meeting Minutes - Example.pdf
  • Project Plan - Example.pdf
  • Project Schedule.mpp
  • Sample File Plans (Stand-Alone Project).xltx
  • Status Report - Example.pdf
  • 2x2 Planning Model.pdf
  • Exercise - How is the Project Doing.pdf
  • Guide to Recommended Templates B03.pdf
  • WBS, Contingency Reserves, Management Reserves.pdf
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