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Nuclear Energy Institute, Energy Industry Fundamentals - 2015

Energy Industry Fundamentals provides a broad understanding of the electric and natural gas utility industry and the ener….

Course Contents

  • 1A History of the U.S. Energy Industry and Infrastructure
  • 1C Review Scenario: "Visting Prairie Wind Farm"
  • 2A Regulatory/Procedural/Security
  • 2A Review Scenario "A New Day of Training"
  • 2B Preparing for Hazards in the Workplace
  • 2B Quiz
  • 2C Hazards and Response
  • 3A Conventional Electric Power Generation Systems
  • 3A Quiz
  • 3B Overview of Generation Fuel Sources
  • 3B Quiz
  • 3C Overview of Emerging and Alternative Generation Technologies
  • 3C Quiz
  • 4A Introduction to Electric Power Transmission
  • 4A Review Scenario: "Driving to a New Substation Inspection
  • 4A Quiz
  • 4B Transmission Governance, Stability and Emerging Technologies
  • 4B Review Scenario: "Planning the Extra High Voltage Expansion"
  • 4B Quiz
  • 5A Introduction to Electric Power Distribution
  • 5A Quiz
  • 5B Distribution Governance, Stability, and Emerging Technologies
  • 5B Quiz
  • 5C Natural Gas Distribution
  • 5C Quiz

Course Resources

  • Module 1 - Unit A
  • Module 1 - Unit B
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