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Fan System Assessment Training

Used across a wide range of manufacturing processes, fans account for 15% of the total energy used by motor systems. Facilities need reliable and optimally-performing fan systems, or risk plant shutdowns or degradation in product quality. To meet this need, AMO provides the necessary tools to: understand the current efficiency of your fan systems, identify damaged fans and track data trends of current systems. As well, the tools allow you to determine the energy and cost savings from making various modifications and assess which options are most economically viable (U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 2003. "Improving Fan System Performance: A Sourcebook for Industry"). After completing this training, a participant will be able to: • Understand the benefits of fan system optimization and examines fan system performance characteristics and practical issues concerning measurement data. • Demonstrate an introductory ability to use the Department of Energy’s Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT). • Know what data is required for FSAT. • Interpret assessment results. • Calculate the cost of operating fans in your facility. • Understand the interaction between the fan curve and the system curve. • Analyze the optimization potential of fan systems. • Create an action plan to improve fan system efficiency and reliability in your plant.

Course Contents

  • Fan System Assessment Training

Course Resources

  • System Requirements.html
  • Improving Fan System Performance - Sourcebook.pdf
  • Costs of Fan Operation.pdf
  • Fan System Optimization Checklist.pdf
  • Power Meter Method Worksheet.pdf
  • Recording Power Meter Worksheet.pdf
  • Volt-Ammeter Method Worksheet.pdf
  • Fan Power-Law Method Worksheet.pdf
  • Fan Systems End User Training Glossary
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