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Energy Efficiency Fundamentals

Energy consumption and energy costs have been on the rise during the last 25 years. Emerging markets like China and India will soon be consuming more energy than developed nations such as the US and Western Europe. This pressure will increase prices and create threats to the security of supply. At minimum, energy consumption, including electricity and other sources, will double over the next 40 years. At the same time, climate specialists tell us we should divide emissions by 2 to avoid serious climatic changes. We can’t allow energy demand to continue to rise unchecked – the impact on our security, costs and planet don’t allow that. Simultaneously we can’t just cut all our activity in half. Countries will not agree to that impact on their economies and standards of living. This course will provide an understanding of building energy use and energy efficiency measures that customers can implement to save energy and reduce costs in their facilities. Energy University courses provided by Schneider-Electric. Duplication or re-use is not permitted without prior approval by Schneider-Electric Corp. To see additional course offerings, visit: Note: At the end of this module, you will hear reference to links of "knowledge checkpoint" as well as a survey. These links are only available within the original course at

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  • Energy Efficiency Fundamentals
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