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top 10 hermes handbags
8/31/16 7:45 PM
I know these bags very well, i worked for hermes outlet uk as an artisan for 7 years and i made a lot of Birkin bags. What do you like exactly in this bag ? The shape or the brand ? If, it is the shape, i can redo exactly the same bag, with the same leathers in the exact dimensions but without the stamping Hermès. So, do you love the design or the prestigious brand ? Just having had a lunch in the Maxim's, we went for a little walk in Rue Royale, so we've turned left and founded ourselves in the faibourgSH , just outside the Hermès store,and just steped in, without any intention of buying something, when a sales worker came to is and ask if we were surching for something in particular . Just like that , being in Hermès boutique, I've asked for a birkin replica handbags , so as simples as that I've had my frist.

Accoding to their sales workers, there's no such thing about waiting lists. And they made the point about this is a creation of média and gossips. French locations don't have waiting list anymore for a few years now, but they used to have. You probably talked to a short term contract employee who wasn't there at the time of waiting lists. Went to Paris for the first time with my husband in 1995. Went into Hermes, just to look. Saw a ostrich Birkin in brown, cost $18,000. I was in total shock, couldn't believe uk replica handbags cost $18,000. Curious, what the price is today. Walked over to the left bank, saw a similar looking bag in faux croc in black. Purchase the bag, cost $500. Went to the Westchester mall in NY, ran into Joan Rivers, gave me the best compliment ever on my faux croc " Birkin" . Joan was there shooting a video about shopping being the best exercise ever. She asked me, to participate. I was just too shy.

Anyway, love my bag and love Joan! I was in Japan recently and watched a Japanese tv show having a montage of past celebrity guests. One of the guests was Jane Birkin. She showed her very beat up birkin. At the end of the program, she gifted the 2 male hosts each with their own birkin. She even autographed the insides of the bag. At that point the hosts were just delighted to received such special and valuable presents. What followed though truly horrified me and the 2 poor hosts. She grabbed the omega replica watches, threw it on the floor and proceeded to stomp on them and stretch the leather. The bags went from mint condition to truly distressed in minutes.