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RE: New trends in school education

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The world of education has changed in modern. In twenty years, new trends have replaced those that had over the past few years while others may emerge in the coming decades. But what are these changes that shook the Modern school system?
Disputed by some and praised by others, school reform imposed by Modern has provoked much reaction, both in the media and among parents and within the school system. It should review the basic elements of this vast project whose objective was to improve the educational services provided to students and to offset weaknesses, including dropping more important for boys.
The outline
·         In schools, teachers had to change their ways and give more importance to what the student learns and, especially, how it does it.
·         Teachers have a mission to better understand the students by evaluating their ways of learning.
·         Teachers of different disciplines will speak more to ensure better monitoring in terms of soft skills (eg the history teacher speaks French teacher whether the student has difficulty in this matter).
·         Textbooks have become resources in the creation of a different training program. In short, instead of memorizing school books, we consult to find the desired information.
·         Young people are invited to engage in school, to offer things for teachers.
·         Parents have the mission to focus more on learning of their offspring.
·         Homework and lessons are now transformed into more research, inquiry, discussion.
·         By region, networks of schools have been established to provide training for students from small communities.
Transversal skills
In the center of school reform, the principle of transversal skills is part of a set of training. The skills acquired by the student must serve him in other matters. It must, for example, explain a chemistry experiment by writing correctly in the language requested by the teacher. The student must, in the foreground, use judgment in all matters and even in practical work or research to the computer. According to the Ministry of Education, transversal skills make learning logically, instead of memorizing pages of documentation.
The bulletin
If there is one area where parents have been very sensitive, it is in chapter newsletters, so that the minister changed his tune to bow to public pressure. The reform provided for the abolition of notes. They have been replaced by letters (A, B, C ...). But almost before the public outcry, the Minister of Education decided in 2010 to amend the report by removing skills assessment cross replacing them with teacher comments. Parents also witnessed the return of scores in most subjects. in addition, the newsletter became the same for all schools.
Fundamental changes
In recent years, many changes have also shaken the foundations of the school itself.
Religious education
Religion, in the center of many parents learning, has given way to new materials while the approaches have changed even within the institutions. Thus, the school no longer denominational, religion classes were gave way to a course of ethics and religious culture. Parents have turned to the courts to try to invalidate the change in vain.
Codes of conduct
·         Modern schools have adopted codes of conduct or a charter of sportsmanship, governing rules to be observed in the school. More question cry there, to throw snowballs.
·         Traffic rules have even been identified in the school. Finally, the "sir" and "madam" and the formal address is often required.
·         Many schools have a dress code while others have imposed the wearing of the uniform.
·         The dietary rules were also revised. Institutions have faced rising food allergies and junk food was banned.
·         Large sums were granted to fight against dropping out.
Future trends
·         Other trends are expected to emerge in the coming years, educational journey without schools: an approach that rejects the traditional methods and which focuses primarily on students and their needs. Instead of going to a traditional school, the student receives at home, training adapted to their progress and their learning.
·         The enhanced educational path, which allows to introduce students to other disciplines to obtain additional skills;
·         The separation of the sexes: guys in a class, girls in the other, for learning better suited to the realities of boys and girls who learn differently;
·         Teachers with performance bonuses and discounts in some shops for the best students.
·         In some schools, the sixth year of offering intensive English during the last six months the students who passed the test passes. During the first six months, students learn regular matter intensively. Result: the majority of students who pass their sixth year admit to having a beneficial force for ESL students compared to their peers. 
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