NTER Course Development

Authoring Tools

The National Training and Education Resource (NTER) opens doors for instructors by providing a range of tools to create and offer traditional, instructor-led and next generation online courses. These tools include a full SCORM editor that allows an instructor to easily convert images, text, movies, PDFs, and PowerPoint files into courses. In addition, knowledge checks can be added to course pages or full pre/post tests can be developed. Instructors can use these tools to create traditional online assessments.

Screenshot from the video of the question creation tool on the left with the part of the course it pertains to on the right.
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NTER also supports next generation learning technologies. The Kuda World Editor allows course authors to import their own Collada based 3D models to develop simulation and game based learning. This tool produces WebGL based assets that can be incorporated into training as easily as using a movie or static image in traditional online courses.

Screenshot from the video of the Kuda interface, with editing tools on the left, a tree view of the scene on the right, and a 3d model of a roof in the center. Menus to add new objects appear at the top and tools to edit the current object are at the bottom.
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Kuda can be run either on a server for an organization, or locally on an instructor's own computer.  A live version of Kuda may also be accessed on Google Code.

Distribution and New Courses

NTER acts as a distributed repository of courses and contents, with servers in federal agencies, universities, colleges and commercial organizations. Courses can be created and maintained by local institutions but shared and accessed across all connected NTER nodes. When a new course is published to any NTER node, the search technology enables that course to be located by students and instructors across the globe. A distributed search across other institutions hosting NTER systems is a unique technology that allows the local institution to maintain control over resources while amplifying what any one institution or consortium can offer.

NTER is under active development. For more information about NTER, or to learn more about becoming an author, please contact us. We would be happy to work with you to include your own courses or stand up your own copy of NTER for your students.  

Course Authoring Resources

Download instruction manuals on AuthoringAdvanced AuthoringTest Creation, and 3D Authoring.


  • Learn how to use NTER Authoring by going to the NTER Authoring Tutorial
    • Learn how to construct shareable learning modules
    • Learn how courses can be managed
    • Learn how student progress can be tracked
  • If you are ready to start authoring please visit  the Content Development Server
    • Please send email to support@nterlearning.org to  request an account
    • Please provide your full name, your organization, your phone number and your preferred email 
  • Download and reuse existing courses–Coming Soon
  • Launch Kuda to build new simulations and games for your courses
  • Visit the authors section in the forum to ask questions and find guidelines on writing good courses